About Us


About Us


Welcome to What’s On!

The aim of this platform is to create a database of Cypriot bands / acts across the divide in Cyprus. After realizing that there are two separate music scenes in Cyprus, Home for Cooperation came up with the idea of creating a platform where this separation do not exist because we believe two scenes are too much for our tiny island. 

The database could be helpful for festival organizers, promoters, bands who want to organize their own events that will include other local bands, musicians who are looking to play in bands, songwriters that are looking for musicians and so on and so forth. Potential collaborations are always encouraged!

Along with this website, we created a Facebook group, “Strings Attached – Cyprus Musicians Exchange Platform” to act as yet another platform for musicians in Cyprus to keep each other informed about what’s happening on the music scene on their part of the island; get to know each other, collaborate and even join or create a new project/band. 

If you are a musician, go on and register on our website now and join Strings Attached!

If you are looking for bands/musicians browse our database! 

Do you simply want to see what’s out there? Check the events!