Jazz Thursdays in the old Nicosia Town!


Jazz Thursdays in the old Nicosia Town!

The two newly opened bars Strada and Bonobo’s in the old town are doing a beautiful collaboration and hosting Jazz Thursdays every week starting from the 6th of October.

Strada was opened by the two young old Nicosia enthusiasts and entrepreneurs Serkan Demirman and Serdar Durukan. Bonobo’s is an alternative bar for urban and electronic music opened in August and is now taken over by two academics Volkan Gunel and Derya Aydin Okur who were willing to crush down the academia world with the dynamic of the social life outside it.

These two bars are hosting their guests outdoors and bringing live music to the street to welcome their audiences together. It goes even by the names that Strada means street in Italian and their logo represents the old Nicosia town map with the walls. This social place has a great vibe to chill with good beer, offering dining with delicious food including vegetarian burger and cheese platters. On the other hand Bonobo aims to offer an eclectic atmosphere across the road for the later in the night especially with upbeat music. The space is also aimed to be used as an experimental workshop studio to host activities and art exhibitions to encourage independent thinking and creativity.

The collaboration was initiated by the jazz singer Nihan Gorgu who offered the two neighbour bars to bring the live jazz music to the street every week. Nihan has been singing jazz in different venues mostly in Nicosia for years and wishes to spread the sound of the jazz in the old Nicosia Town. She is collaborating with her musician friends she met at a workshop called Jazz Futures, led by Chris Byars & Ari Roland in 2008. She has been playing with her band members that came together at this workshop from north and south of Cyprus since then and she is inviting them to have jam sessions every week with her. She aims to attact the musicians and audiences from both sides of the city and all the jazz lovers to join this experience especially at the time now that jazz is improving in Cyprus and a lot of the musicians made albums. Nihan continues her solo performances along with her band performances and other collaborations. She is also inviting different artists who want to share the stage at the jam sessions to bring their instruments and passion to join every Thursday.

These weekly events hosted by Strada and Bonobo's promise to offer a great experience and joy with the sound of the music echoing in the city. It is well worth checking out and be part of the Jazz Thursday nights.